I remember Dattatraya in Bhaktapur

I remember Nepal 74, Bhaktapur, Dattatraya temple. Built in 1427 from ONE only tree, as legend said. It stands at Tachupal tole, a wide place where anyone could let seeds dry. For festivals it was a place for religious dances.


The temple of Dattatraya is as old as the Palace of Fifty-five Windows. Consecrated by King Yakshya Malla in 1427 AD, this temple, according to popular belief, was built out of the trunk of a single tree. It was subsequently repaired and renovated by King Vishwa Malla in 1458 AD.
Just beside temple is a monastery (Math) with exquisitely carved peacock windows. These famous windows were carved during the reign of King Vishwa Malla. The monastery is full of artistic facades of latticed windows and engraved columns.


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